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deviation in storage by NightFell



Stun Bun's Bunns by Kittykat-Meow
Stun Bun's Bunns
that butt though.
just practice
StunBun (c) NightSwing on FA
Flare Ref 2015 by Kittykat-Meow
Flare Ref 2015

Name: Flare

Age: 19 (will be 20 in May)

Breed: Woofle

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight (its complicated...)

Status: Taken (Wave)

Likes: Reeces Pieces, Wave's Butt, Assassins Creed, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Tattoos, His Pet Bearded Dragon (Lucifer), Light Blue Gatorade.

Dislikes: Snakes, Strangers, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Being Teased, His Mum's Dog (Timber).

Personality: Is very feminine and hates it, tries to be 'manly' to make up for it. Likes to pretend he's dark and evil but is a complete sweetheart and dotes on Wave as often as he can. Is fairly quiet and will listen to Wave ramble for ages. Is easily distracted and can get upset at the drop of a hat. Doesn’t really get angry just annoyed/sad. Tries to be romantic/sexy. He is very corny and a bit cocky. Is not very experienced sexually and tends to get frustrated with himself when he doesn’t know what hes doing. When he is horny hes a bit pushy but then feels bad about it and apologizes a bunch.

Clothing: Always wears Assassins Creed hoodie (Gift from Wave for Xmas), Will wear anything dark/black and likes skull t-shirts.

Piercings: None.

Jewelry: Lord of the Rings Ring worn on left middle finger (always).

Hair: Generally a mess, and Wave makes it worse by running his paws through it all the time. Its your standard short on the sides a bit longer on top, and he usually just combs it forward after he showers and then ignores it.

Occupation: Pizza

Dream Occupation: N/A

History of Character: N/A

History of Design: Me and my boy (DracoFlare315) designed him so I could draw us coupley art. Hes not all that into it but I think Flare is a total stud. <3

Special Notes: N/A

Artist Notes: The stripes are NOT specific draw them however you want really. His tail is a bit longer than a normal wolves' would be and is clubbed at the end. His scar is specific and you can trace it from this ref if you'd like. His muzzle is slightly curved on top, and he has a small fluff on his chin almost like a goatee.  

Chibi head batch 3 by Kittykat-Meow
Chibi head batch 3
last of these fluffies, sorry peeps.

Zipper and Cotton candy (c) Zippermutt and friend on FA
Image (c) ME
i want to practice drawing not wolf anthros with plantigrade legs. if any one would like a quick doodle of their not wolf anthro w/ plantigrade legs link me to a ref on your charrie.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Reading: Wicked
  • Playing: Metal Gear Solid
  • Drinking: M.Dew Code Red
Wave Ref 2015 by Kittykat-Meow
Wave Ref 2015

Name: Wave

Age: 20 years

Breed: Grey Wolf

Gender: Male

Height: Anthro – 5'4” Feral – 3'6”

Sexual Orientation: Gay as Hell

Status: Taken (Flare)

Likes: Suckers, Polite/Friendly People, Piercings/Tattoos, Small Fluffy Animals, Snakes, Code Red M. Dew, Vapes (Smokes a small pen style vape; fav flavor is Menthol), Doodling.

Dislikes: Cake, Black Coffee/Tea, Strangers, Lizards, Hypocrites, Being Talked Down To, Cigarette Smoke (it smells awful), Morning.

Personality: A little shy, but wont take shit from people if he can avoid it. Has a tendency to get irritated and/or depressed easily. Is good at making friends once he gets up the courage to talk to people. Night Owl, and hates mornings. Can be really funny at times but can go too far without thinking. Speaks before he thinks, or doesn't talk much at all. His collar has become something of a comfort thing and he grabs it when he is anxious, and/or doesn't know what to do with his hands.

Clothing: He'll wear just about whatever you put him in with an exception of shorts. Likes fingerless gloves, and bracelets.

Piercings: He has three in each ear (three lobes in his right ear, two lobes and a cartilage in his left), a labret that he doesn't wear jewelry in unless hes feeling punk, and a belly button piercing(top).

Jewelry: 4g Saddle plugs, clear jewel earrings, star earrings (most recent piercings), Legend of Zelda ring (gift from Flare) worn on left middle finger and Collar (ALWAYS WORN)

Hair: His hair is a flopped over Mohawk, hes become a bit lazy about it and rarely wears it up unless hes motivated and has time in the morning.

Occupation: Barrist at a small coffee shop

Dream Occupation: Illustrator

History of Character: He was born to a small pack right before a hard winter and was one of the few pups to survive. Being quiet and anti social in nature, the other pups didn't take to him very well. Shortly after coming into adulthood, his puphood tormentor took over the pack and chased him out. He became a loner but doesn’t really mind. Hes found a few friends and is doing well on his own.

History of Design: He started out as a random wolf in a contest entry, but when I got my tablet I didn't have any solid OC's so I drew him a bit. He became the wolf I’d draw if I wanted to draw wolves and slowly became who I connected with on an emotional level and drew vent art with him. Hes developed pretty quickly from there to being my main fursona. He's stuck with me long time, were coming up on our 5 year anniversary. I've been feeling kind of disconnected from him lately so I decided a revamp might be in order and it seems to have helped.

Special Notes: He is immortal in the sense that he cannot die but he can be hurt as easily anyone.

Artist Notes: All of his markings are symmetrical except his front right paw being blue. The markings on the collar are not specific and you may do them how ever you wish so long as they are there. He always wears his collar but the buckle and tag ring aren't required if you don't want to draw them. If you would like to draw his plugs as vague grey smudges rather than the skull and cross bones you are more than welcome to. A mistake I've noticed a lot of people make on the blue wave under his eyes is to have the edge of it reach all the way to his ear, it isn't that big its just a small wing, similar in nature to an eyeliner wing.



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United States
Hello there! While art (in all forms) is really my forte, I've recently gotten my cosmetology licence and hope to save money to go to a technical college to become an illustration/Graphic Designer.

I do cheap commissions (ask about point Commissions)

Art Gods:
:iconspaggled: :iconnicetints:

Current Residence: My Gma's
Favourite genre of music: Techno (anything u got, link me!)
Favourite style of art: I really like sketchy lineart!
MP3 player of choice: Not mine. it sucks butt
Personal Quote: I don't try, it just happens!!
i want to practice drawing not wolf anthros with plantigrade legs. if any one would like a quick doodle of their not wolf anthro w/ plantigrade legs link me to a ref on your charrie.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Reading: Wicked
  • Playing: Metal Gear Solid
  • Drinking: M.Dew Code Red

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